Is Catte is published twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays (unless we decide to put out an extra as a surprise now and then). Corvin does most of the writing. Jymi does the drawings (and often tweaks the dialogue during this stage and adds a few jokes of her own). We both come up with ideas.

Jymi built and maintains the websites while Corvin does most of the social media plugging.

The fateful doodle.

This whole thing began one afternoon when Jymi produced a quick drawing of a silly-looking cat, with the sole intention of adding it to her online print-to-order shop and then moving on to something else.

Corvin took one look at it and said,”THAT HAS TO TURN INTO A WEB COMIC!”

“But I don’t want to make a web comic,” Jymi replied. “I want to draw an octopus now.”

Back and forth they went, until finally Jymi told Corvin that if he could write at least 20 funny scripts to start with, she would start drawing them.